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mardi gras organic hair, body, and face glitter

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Illuminate your look with some organic body, face and hair glitter- inspired by the vibrant hues of Mardi Gras! Made with nourishing aloe and available in dazzling shades of purple, green, and gold, this glitter adds a touch of festive flair to any occasion. With several confetti glitter shapes to choose from, you can customize your sparkle to suit your style. Perfect for adding a pop of color to your body, face, or hair, our 5g containers are the ultimate accessory for carnival celebrations and beyond. Get ready to shine with confidence! ✨🎉 #MardiGrasGlitter #OrganicSparkle #ConfettiChic

Directions: Use your fingertips to brush or gently dab the glitter onto your hair, face, or body.   How to take off: No harsh scrubbing required- we promise! Instead, use tape to remove any glitter first. Soap and water can also be used. Then simply wash the area as normal.